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Leadership and professional skills training for the public and private sectors from former intelligence professionals.

At Savos Training Associates (STA) we provide leadership and management training and consulting to improve communication, build trust, and create organizational alignment from the front office to the front line. We also offer skills training to help professionals of every experience level become better thinkers, team members, writers, and presenters.

STA brings the experiences and skills of former CIA intelligence analysts to bear on your biggest training challenges. Our past and current clients include members of the US Intelligence Community, several of the largest tech companies in the country, and one of the world’s leading academic healthcare institutions. We are also available for consulting to help solve your most vexing organizational culture problems.

We’ve built STA as a network of experts and experienced professionals with similar backgrounds carefully selected to deliver STA founder Chris Savos’s material with their own unique professional expertise.

STA founder and President Chris Savos

The Leadership and Management Development Program

The Leadership and Management Development Program (LMDP) provides a comprehensive approach for building a highly functional and trusting leadership team across all levels of management. The Program includes an offsite that clarifies senior leaders’ expectations for their team and a series of up to six two-hour seminars that build on the offsite’s themes. All elements of the Program are customizable to meet the specific needs of our clients.

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The Critical Professional Skills Program

The Critical Professional Skills Program (CPSP) offers instruction in three core areas that contribute to professional success: writing, oral presentation, and leadership. We can deliver these elements separately or as part of a comprehensive effort to maximize the professionalism of your workforce.

The Leadership for All Seminar Series (LASS)

The Leadership for All Seminar Series takes our Leadership and Management Development Program content and modifies it to help non-supervisors demonstrate leadership and effective corporate behavior regardless of their position. The Series will align the rest of your workforce with your leadership team to ensure greater communication and trust across the organization.

The Presenting With Purpose Workshop (PWP)

The Workshop offers an effective formula for escaping death by PowerPoint that teaches professionals how to deliver more engaging presentations using visuals that enhance rather than detract from their message. This formula mixes the highly analytic approach of intelligence analysts with the powerful appeal to emotions common in the entertainment and sales fields to create presentations that capture and keep an audience’s attention while effectively informing and persuading them.

The Thinking and Writing With Purpose Course (TWP)

This course explores what it means to be an analyst and covers the critical elements of professional writing. We trace the analytic process from identifying the questions your customers care about the most to crafting clear arguments supported with properly sourced evidence. We also review the fundamentals of writing you must get right to maintain credibility with customers. The course includes numerous worksheets and a final writing exercise where students receive personalized feedback. We can customize all content to your unit’s specific needs.

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