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What Training Do Your Analysts Need?

Our original impetus for starting E38 Academy, an online training community, was to help individual analysts in the national security and risk intelligence fields, but we quickly realized we could help the companies that employ these analysts too. I work with several firms who don’t have their own training components and need effective and efficient ways to train dispersed analytic workforces, and for them online training is a great option.

At E38 Academy we’ll provide this option by working with companies to develop the training they need and deliver it in whatever way works best for them using the E38 platform. This could be via self-paced courses, which are always available, or webcasts, were cadres of analysts in various locations train together. We’ll modify existing offerings to meet specific needs or find experts in our network to create new content to fill a niche requirement. We’ll also conduct a needs assessment with firms that aren’t sure exactly what training they require.

As we build our community of experts and initial offerings, we’d love to hear from managers running analytic programs about what types of training they find their analysts need the most. Is it analytic writing, critical thinking, briefing, or some type of domain knowledge? Comment below, visit us at, or shoot me an email at, and let us know what kind of online training you’d like to see for your people.

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