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E38 Academy Will Help You Make the Jump to Teaching Online.

For trainers and educators used to live classrooms, the more detached world of online content delivery can be pretty off-putting, and the technical requirements for creating, posting, and managing an online course can seem overwhelming. I say this as someone who used to feel this way. I’m sure there are a lot of people like me out there who think they have great content and would love to reach a worldwide audience, but the thought of moving online is paralyzing. We’re creating E38 Academy as a community to help this group overcome fear and inertia and make the transformation into an online instructor.

We’re working now to recruit current and former practitioners and experts in national security and risk intelligence to join the E38 team, and our biggest challenge is addressing the understandable fears and doubts our potential recruits have about moving online. We’re meeting this challenge by building a support structure to help potential E38 instructors choose and refine course topics; adapt their content to online delivery; and help handle the challenges of creating, running, and marketing an online course. We’re making this online transition ourselves, so we understand the issues and are sensitive to the frustrations and doubts associated with the process.

If you’ve been thinking about how to take great content you already have–or know you could create–and put it online to reach the broadest possible audience but you don’t know how to begin, let us help. If you are a tech-savvy and experienced online instructor who could benefit from economies of agglomeration E38 offers, we’re looking fore you to join us too (I have not used that word since studying for SATs, so yeah, I looked it up). Visit us at, shoot me an email at, or leave us a comment below. We’d love to have you on our team as we move toward our January launch.

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