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CliftonStrengths Coaching Services

CliftonStrengths from Gallup is a widely used assessment tool that identifies an individual’s strengths so they can unlock their full potential at work and be more engaged and productive. Entire teams can take the tool and, with facilitation, better understand how to work together to achieve common goals. Our certified coach will work with your people and teams to make the most of this powerful tool.

Individual Strengths Coaching Sessions

One-hour, one-on-one individual coaching sessions that use a full CliftonStrengths report to help clients understand their talents and how they can use them to reach their goals, overcome obstacles, build relationships, resolve conflict, and improve team performance.

Team Strengths Coaching Seminars

Through two-hour team coaching activities, managers learn and understand how to lead with their talents and individualize their approach for each team member and teams learn to overcome larger challenges using strengths-based strategies.

Full-Day Strengths Offsite

Become a CliftonStrengths-based organization through group sessions with managers and team members that offer deep dives into personal and team strengths. Throughout the day, team members develop stronger emotional intelligence through learning about their own strengths and how they fit into the team’s overall strengths, and managers learn how each team member can best contribute to the team’s goals. By the end, participants have a deeper understanding of the role each team member has within the team and how each person can help tackle the team’s challenges and achieve important goal