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The Leadership for All Seminar Series (LASS)

The Leadership for All Seminar Series takes material from our Leadership and Management Development Program and adapts it for non-managers. These seminars build leadership skills in everyone to better promote the spread of communication and trust throughout your organization. Each highly interactive session runs roughly two hours and includes a comprehensive manual that captures everything we cover in class.

Strategies for Professional

This seminar takes elements of the Expectations Offsite and several LMDP seminars and adds in new material to provide 10 practical tips for success in any professional environment.

Exposing the Unwritten Rules of Executive Presence

This session focuses on the role presence plays in communicating competence to others and in creating trust for even the most junior professionals. It provides specific strategies for crafting a more confident and effective presence to meet the expectations of bosses, peers, and customers.

Effective Communication for Professionals

This seminar explores common roadblocks to successful communication and offers strategies for overcoming them to become a more purposeful communicator.

Harnessing the Power of Emotional Intelligence

This session explains how anyone can employ emotional intelligence to build more productive working relationships.

As with our LMDP seminars, you can combine the above seminars in any way that works for you.