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The LMDP Seminars

The LMDP Seminars build on the Expectations Offsite’s discussions and dig deeper into subjects that will help supervisors develop their leadership and management skills while learning how to promote communication and trust. Each highly interactive session runs roughly two hours and includes a comprehensive manual that captures everything we cover in class. The material is geared specifically to our client and uses stories from our careers to illustrate key points. The seminars include:

Effective Communication for Managers

Our kickoff seminar explores common communication challenges and how to overcome them to become a more purposeful communicator.

Successfully Managing Up and Down

Our second seminar looks at how to build more effective, trusting relationships with your bosses and your people using strategies to clarify expectations, create transparency, and smooth communication.

Effective Decisionmaking for Managers

This session explores how to balance your bosses’ expectations that you have a bias for action with your people’s desire for you to have an inclusive leadership style. It also covers key questions to ask to avoid common pitfalls before making an important decision.

Emotional Intelligence for Managers

Our fourth seminar explains the power behind emotional intelligence and how supervisors can employ it to create a more engaged, positive, corporate, and productive workforce.

Executive Presence for Managers

This seminar builds on our previous sessions and focuses on the role presence plays in communicating competence to others and in creating trust. It provides specific strategies for crafting a more confident and effective presence to meet the expectations of bosses, direct reports, peers, and customers.

The Personal Leadership Philosophy Workshop

Our final session explains why having a leadership philosophy is important, what makes a good one, and how to communicate it. The workshop includes a template for creating a personal leadership philosophy as the capstone project of the LMDP.

We can combine select seminars to create full-day training experiences that meet specific client needs. For example, we have integrated material from the effective communication, emotional intelligence, and executive presence sessions into a Communication Workshop that explores multiple dimensions of what it means to be a truly effective communicator.