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The Modeling, Simulations, and Scenarios Program

The Modeling, Simulations, and Scenarios Program (MSSP) gives analysts and managers valuable tools for characterizing, quantifying, and managing potential challenges to operations, personnel, and strategies. This program is for professionals engaged in security and risk assessment as well as anyone who would benefit from either testing situational processes or identifying trends that could affect business operations.

Long-Term Forecasting & Planning Through Scenarios

This course helps students create scenarios to explore alternative futures and to formulate plans to address potential challenges and opportunities. By identifying driving factors, this program leverages tailored narratives about the future, enabling students to think through strategies that could impact their business.

(Two days in person: one day for scenario development and a second for scenario work-through)

Crisis Simulations: Testing Your Processes

This exercise helps organizations create and run simulations to test response processes and capabilities while identifying key gaps. We will work with participants to create an engaging simulation that tests your operations and processes (in a classroom environment).

(Three and a half non-congruent days in person: two days for simulation development and feedback, a second for simulation, and a half-day for outcome review)